BBCode reference table

Name Syntax Purpose Example
Bold [b]{text}[/b] Makes {text} bold Bold example
Italic [i]{text}[/i] Makes {text} italic Italic example
Underline [u]{text}[/u] Underlines {text} Underline example
Strikethrough [s]{text}[/s] Create a strikethrough on {text} Strikethrough example
Font-size [font={number}]{text}[/font]
[style size={number}]{text}[/style]
Changes the font-size of {text} Font-size example
Font color [color={color}]{text}[/color]
[style color={color or hex}]{text}[/style]
Changes the color of {text} Font color example
Center text [center]{text}[/center] Centers {text} on screen Center text example
Left align text [left]{text}[/left] Left aligns {text} on screen Left align text example
Right align text [right]{text}[/right] Right aligns {text} on screen Right align text example
Quote [quote]{text}[/quote] Creates a quotation box containing {text} Quote example
Quote (named) [quote={name}]{text}[/quote] Creates a quotation box quoting {name} as saying {text} Quote (named) example
Link [url]{url}[/url] Makes a link to {url} Link example
Link (named) [url={url}]{text}[/url] Makes a named link to {url} Link (named) example
Image [img]{url}[/img] Shows the image indicated by {url} Image example
Video [video]{url}[/video] Shows the video indicated by {url} Video example
List [list]{items}[/list] Displays a list of {items} List example
List item [*]{text}newline Specifies an {item} within a list List item example
Code [code]{text}[/code] Meant for rendering code snippets Code example
Preformatted [pre]{text}[/pre] Renders the {text} while maintaing all white spacing Preformatted example