Building Material Science

  1. Steel for concrete reinforcement, ferrocement, pre-stressing and post-stressingSteel for concrete reinforcement, ferrocement, pre-stressing and post-stressing.
  2. Artificial and natural fibre reinforcementsArtificial and natural fibre reinforcements properties and uses
  3. Structural Steel manufacturing and usesStructural Steel manufacturing, strength, analysis, design and standards
  4. Timber, manufacturing, seasoning and usesTimber, manufacturing, seasoning and uses
  5. Asphalt ConcreteAsphalt concrete, strength, mixing, laying, curing and recycling
  6. Asphalt and BitumenAsphalt, bitumen
  7. Portland Cement ConcretePortland cement concrete, strength, curing processes, mixed design, conveying and casting
  8. Portland Cement manufacturing and usesPortland cement manufacturing, standard, properties and uses.
  9. Puzzolana quarry site, production and usesPuzzolana quarry site, production and uses
  10. Various use of lime, gypsum and productionVarious use of lime in construction and production of lime and lime block
  11. Stone for building constructionStone for building construction, pitching, patching and decoration.
  12. Clay BrickClay brick, burnt brick and pressed brick

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