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  1. Computational Techniques in Civil EngineeringDiscussion computational techniques, numerical solution, mathematic model, algorythms and computer application model in Civil Engineering

  2. Land SurveyingLand surveying for various purposes and various scale.

  3. Building Material ScienceBuilding material science.

  4. International CODE and StandardsInternational CODE and Standards for the building design and construction.

  5. Local Guideline for Civil Engineering WorksLocal guideline for civil engineering works.

  6. Computer Aided Design and EngineeringComputer aided design and engineering.

  7. Finite Difffrence MethodDiscussion about finite diffrence method.

  8. Finite Element MethodDiscussion about Finite Element Method.

  9. Road DesignDiscussion about road design.

  10. Road TechnologyDiscussion about road technology.

  11. Structural Timber DesignDiscussion about structural timber design.

  12. Structural Steel DesignDiscussion about structural steel design.

  13. Structural Concrete DesignDiscussion about structural concrete design.

  14. Earthquake EngineeringDiscussion about earthquake and earthquake engineering.

  15. GeneralDiscuss in general, post authoring, forum rules and etc.,

  16. Computer Programing LanguageDiscussion about programming languages.

  17. Applied MathematicApplied mathematic for Engineering.

  18. PhysicsDiscussion about physics.

  19. Mathematic IDiscussion and notes about mathematic knowledges.

  20. Structural Theory and Application IDiscussion and notes about structural knowledges.

  21. Geotechnical Engineering IIDiscussion and notes about geotechnical knowledges.

  22. Geotechnical Engineering IDiscussion and notes about geotechnical knowledges.

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